Unstitched Women Attire January 03 2014

Have you ever realised Saree is one of the oldest unstitched women attire!. The Saree has withstood the test of time, retaining its sensuality and  all-time appeal for women of all ages. Imagine what pleasure it would have offered to those skilled weavers of  the past era, to have   a 9 yard/ 6 yard  flowing cloth to  paint  diverse motifs, prints or weave  intricate designs all over . This piece of cloth is still continuing to capture the imagination of our modern designers.  Be it a simple, elegant cotton saree, a traditional silk saree with gold woven pallu or tissue with silver thread work—whatever be the type , it always enhanced the innate sensuality  of the Indian woman. The drape spans the two worlds, the modern and the traditional and may be that is exactly why it still continues to weave its magic. 
To celebrate the survival of this wonderful garment and its universal appeal , we are introducing an innovative playful motif - What if the  flowing pallu captures the entire universe – the world Atlas. The effect is for you to decide.