Clothing Culture February 20 2014

IndiWeaves is more than a mere clothing store. It is more about the magic that India and its culture weave on us.

Clothing, at IndiWeaves, is just a template to show case various other attributes which are woven on the fabric called Indian culture, which envelops the whole world and is not confined by the boundaries of a nation. Vasudhev Kutumbakam( the whole world is a family)-adorns the masthead of our culture.

So what are those essential features/ attributes that adorn this culture and lend a mystical persona to this nation which many an admirer have sought to capture and communicate through various idioms.

Not only in its arts, crafts, music, poetry, paintings, songs, dances, literature, philosophy but also in its idioms of family, business and politics, India reverberates with the energies unleashed by its defining characteristic of a continuous struggle between the material and the spiritual pursuits.

Here is a culture where the body is itself equated with a cloth, as in an immensely popular, a commonly known and an often quoted phrase of philosophical wisdom.

In that sense, from a structural framework perspective India is about journeys and to be precise ‘lives-journeys’ where an Atma fashions itself, in accordance with its stock of deeds, from one body-form to another body-form life after life, much like a fashionista would change her clothes so very often depending on her desire.

Every journey in India, whatever is the idiom, moves in this direction from the outer to the inner, from material to the spiritual, from ignorance to knowledge, from bondage to liberation.

Team IndiWeaves invites you to join as a companion in this journey to explore, unravel, understand and develop an insight into the meanings of our journey and journeys around us and the forces/spirit/ values/ longings which animate/ fuel/ inform/ guide those journeys.

We would share here, from time to time, not just these articles of clothing but also our experiences and insights, hopefully much more valuable and rewarding, gleaned from various places during this journey.

You are also welcome to share your experiences from your own life-travelogue to enrich us all.

Come, let us make it a meaningful journey and let us make our journeys count.

May all beings be happy. May all beings be peaceful.


Team IndiWeaves